Active Search Results Prophet reveals how traditional rulers contribute to spate of get-quick syndrome in Igbo land

Prophet reveals how traditional rulers contribute to spate of get-quick syndrome in Igbo land

The Senior Pastor of REHMA Deliverance Mission Nnewi, Anambra state, Prophet Ejike Nwachukwu, needs not a former introduction. In this interview with Okechukwu Onuegbu, the man of God cleared air on recent list released by FBI where majority of those arrested and currently undergoing investigation by US agency are Igbo. He also spoke on other national discourse. 

Christians in Nigeria appear to be segregational. Having been in the field for long, why is it so and how it should be solved? 

If you remember the prayer that Jesus prayed before he ascended into heaven. He said " father I have done the work, I pray that they may be one." if we are one, Christians will rule this nation. Talking about islamaization of Nigeria is a fallacy because I don't actually believe in that. If the Muslims are working hard to islamize Nigeria, the Christians should also work hard to Christianizie Nigeria. Jesus said go ye into the world and multiply and make disciples of all nations. So why are we complaining, that Muslims are working hard to islamize Nigeria. The problem is that Christians are not together, we are fighting ourselves, we can't come together under one umbrella. Its unfortunate that the other day the Catholic church pulled out of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)...

What Nigeria needs at this point in time is divine intervention. Apart from it, more troubles are yet to unfold. 
If you remember my last interview before the elections,  I said the President Buhari is going to win the election, weather any body likes it or not and I told you what is going to happen with regards to uprising in the country. What is happening today? 

I told you after the election, get set to witness more crisis in Nigeria. Nigeria is yet to face massive revolution. Watch out. In all let me tell you, no matter what is going to happen Nigeria will not disintegrate, Nigeria will remain one indivisible country. What we need is for Christians to arise and conquer what is fighting us which is the devil.

Christians seemed to be the target of killers herdsmen. What do you advice they should do?

What do you expect Christians to do? It's the duty of government to protect its citizens. I think it's time to call for a security summit in this country. It's long over due. The president should call for a security summit. Former President Obasanjo in his recent open letter to the president called for a security summit. I will advice he should not hate the message. You may hate the messenger but don't hate the message, because that message is very sensitive. It is time to call for a security summit in this country. Even Traditional rulers in this country have a say in what is going on. I think the president should involve the traditional rulers in the security summit because every monarch knows the nooks and crannies of his village, which is where these heinous crimes are committed.

Recently, Senator Ike Ekweremadu was attacked in Germany by IPOB, what's your take on that?

The attack was uncalled for. But the truth remains that is also a warning to our political leaders, that a time is coming, when if you refuse to perform, the people will stone you on the streets. So, I think every political leader, irrespective of party affiliation or position of authority should get up from your slumber and perform. If you fail to perform, I am sorry at what may happen to you.

 Do you know there are some political leaders in Anambra who don't earn respect of their people any longer because of bad records. They feel so insecure to walk on the streets now. Every leader must make sure that he performed while in office. 

What is your view on the ban President recently placed on issuance of FX for the importation of Food in the Country?

 I think the president is trying to make Nigeria to be self sufficient in food production. He believes that his government has performed, but I think it's too harsh on the economy at the moment. For me, its not yet ripe for it. It will cause more hardship to the masses and is going to make food items in the country to skyrocket, and when the food items in the country is skyrocketing, you are causing more hardship to the masses. The elites will not feel it but the masses will suffer it. Look at a bag of rice being sold for N18,000 in less than 5 years. I think he should relapse that executive order, its not yet time for it.

Young Igbo were top on the list of people arrested for fraud by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in America, do you think it ague well for the nation? 

 Igbo are known for Trade and Industry. It baffles me and pains my heart, that we can be seen in that light. This is not what Igbo nation are known for. This is not Igbo of late Prof. Dora Akunyili, late Prof. Chinua Achebe, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iwuala, Prof. Kingsley Moghalu, Philip Emeagwali and others. 

We are industrialist, traders, we make money in a genuine way. But look at what our brothers are doing? Who are we to blame? Our traditional rulers of course, because they have commercialized honour in Igbo land. They confer chieftaincy titles without knowing the source of wealth. Our traditional rulers are to be blamed for what our Igbo youths are turning into, as they have set it as an example that every December as long as you come back with a very big jeep, and you go and give your traditional ruler a very fat envelope, he will give you a title. I thought that chieftaincy title is reserved to men of integrity and honour? But when our youngsters come back, you don't ask them how they make their money or what they do, you set it as an example to other youths in the village. What do you expect? next year, they will all travel to Malaysia to go and kill and answer Onwa 1. 

Our traditional rulers should encourage the youths to be educated. They should stop recognizing Yahoo boys with chieftaincy titles. When you are celebrating such people you are giving others the go ahead to emulate them. Let them celebrate good success because the Bible made us to know that there is good and bad success. Good success comes from God, good success comes from hard work.

What is your general advise to Christendom?

if you are reading this paper God is talking to you. Weather a Pastor, Bishop, Catholic Bishop, Anglican Bishop, Pentecostal Bishop, Rev Father, Pastor, whoever you are, know that Jesus did not die for you alone. He died for all, and he said as many have received me to them I give the power to become the sons of God. So, know this you are not the only one that is going to heaven. love your neighbour as you love yourself. 

God spoke to me 12th of May 2019, when I was in America. He said to me, the greatest gospel one can preach is a practical love to one another. If you can't show love to one another, the gospel you are preaching is nonsense, I am not just talking about the love you feel, but practical love. There is need to respect your fellow being irrespective of what he or she preaches. Don't judge. But embrace everyone and let us in unity call on God for the peace of this nation, if we unite as Christians the devil will run away.

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