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Of Obiano Destroying Anambra


In fact, many respectable citizens who were misled to buy into the false stories coming out of Anambra got a sense that a a group of greedy politicians had emerged in the state who must be checkmated.That was some years ago. 

Before, I was "apugad", I had through the instrumentality of the media worked as hard as I could to change the pathetic image which the 'enemies of the state' and their friends tried disingenuously to create of the State of Anambra. 

As you read this, that strainous effort is not over, because there are people in high and low places who have a preference for lies and continue to buy into the fallacies that 'enemies of the state' and their surrogate tell about Anambra. They keep the negative stories alive and they swear by their goddess of lies that Obiano is destroying Anambra.

Some people, awfully limited in their perceptive ability, call that politics; blind, deaf and unenlightened politics perhaps. When you sit back in the fraudulently acquired opulence of your wealth to tell senseless lies about your own state, or you junket media houses with utterly false stories about how the state is being run, all for the purpose of tarnishing the image of the government in power, in the long run you qualify to be described as a terrorist, a bandit, and unknown gunman.

You are in the business of mentally terrorizing your community. That is not politics; it is crime!! But the good thing is that these lies and those who take pleasure in propagating them have not succeeded even in fooling ordinary people in the state who see, hear, feel and delight in the incredible level of progress that the Governor Willie Obiano has made in Anambra.

People who know what is happening, whose source of information is not the political illiterates assembled in the opposition parties, will tell you that the state is making giant strides. And no less a personality than the ADC governorship candidate, Chief Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo has said that. Let the enemies of progress bow their heads in shame. They have eyes to see what is going on in their country but they deny what they see. However, their denial has changed nothing and will stop nothing.

Nwankpo will continue the Giant strides in Anambra, if the reigns of power is relinquished to him by the outgoing Gov Obiano. The world will acknowledge it. The people will delight in it. The streets of our cities will tell the story. Business will bubble. The pace of commercial activities under Nwankpo will be doubled. There is no single community in Anambra today that is not positively affected by the giant strides of Gov Willie Obiano led government. The scare-mongering of the opposition, the lies of their surrogate, and the evil machination of their supporters from distant lands cannot and will not be allowed to stop these giant strides. That's the bitter truth. 

Finally, a word of warning and advice: Those who seek to undo these giant strides which the people of Anambra cherish should be prepared to face the wrath of the people. In Igboland, they should understand what that means. They should think again in their own best interest. I have nothing against Gov Obiano, and will not play politics of opposition against him. He has done well for ndi Anambra, but, my unsolicited opinion remains that he should end well. 


Dr. Harris Chuma-Odili is the Director of  Campaign, Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo Governorship Campaign Organization 2021


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