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2023 election riggers and problem of Nigeria


By Peter Nwasike



The despicable vice of Muslims to rig elections and entrench themselves in the Leadership of Nigeria, is characteristic of the origin of their religion in 622 AD. As published in the DONAC PILOT Newspaper, Sunday, February 5, 2023, page 8, Muslim clerics bragged their determination to rig elections by all means, hook or crook, when they barked:


ALHAJI MOHAMMED ANWAL: “Our aim as Muslim scholars from over 70 different Islamic sects, and backgrounds, plus our Ibo Muslims and Yorubas in the North, those from the West, have called this meeting to sensitize ourselves about the project to ensure victory. The aim is not to tell them that we will DISTRIBUTE WEAPONS TO THEM, but to tell them of the need to vote for a person who will promote and advance our Islamic religion. The aim is to tell people that a Muslim, wherever his is, if far better than a Christian (infidel) and where you have two Muslims, they will achieve what one Muslim cannot achieve, and we want to make it clear, that the Muslim – Muslim ticket is a very BIG JI AD, for the Muslims”. Dictionary description of JIHAD is: “Muslim religious war”.


By employing phases: “DISTRIBUTE WEAPONS”, and also that “the MUSLIM-MUSLM TICKET IS A BIG JIHAD, “shows that they are determined to adopt all manner of violence and breach of laws, to achieve their sinister intentions. They arrogantly sacrifice MERIT and COMPETENCE, on the altar of ethnicity, religion, nepotism, favouritism, fanaticism, tribalism, brutality.


The founder of their religion, Mohammed, revealed his dreams to his people of Mecca, in the Arab World, for worship of Allah, as the only god worthy of worship, and the people raised question for more assimilation. He became afraid of his own shadow, and ran away to Medina in 622 AD. At Medina, he mobilized youths, armed them with WEAPONS, and led them to invade Mecca, slaughtered innocent people, seized government and enthroned his religion


George Guest (1979, page 65), described them thus: “The fierce Arabs, naturally fond of fighting and bloodshed, thought it their duty to slay all who refused to accept their new faith”. They made themselves “ARMY OF RELIGIOUS CONQUEST”, invaded one Country after another, killed people, seized Government and declared Islam as State Religion.


In 1804, their leader in present-day Nigeria, ALhaji Uthman Dan Fodio, adopted the system of ARMY OF CONQUEST, invaded Hausa-land and conquered them and imposed his government and religion.


Nigeria got Independence on October 1, 1960, and on October 12, 1960, their leader, Alhaji Ahamadu Bello, released his hidden agenda about independence. He said that the Islamitization of Nigeria, started by his grand-father, and halted by British colonialism, should be continued by him and dip his Koran into the Atlantic Ocean. Promoting and advancing their religious interest, to the detriment of the rest of the Country, is their stock-in-trade.


When the first post-Independence election was conducted in 1964, their political party, the Northern People’s Congress (NPC), employed all manner of violence and intimidation, to wipe away all opposition in the North, especially, the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), lead by Mallam Aminu Kano. They rigged all the Seats in the North. In the South-West, they bought over Premier of Western Region, Chief Ladoke Akintola, goaded him into enmity with his predecessor and Mentor, Barr. Obafemi Awolowo. They also rigged all the Seats in West and Lagos, as Lagos was then under Western Government. When the West conducted their regional election in 1965, the Yorubas vowed to use their regional election to remove Akintola and Northern cronies. The Muslim North perpetrated the worst rigging. An Army Commander, Lt. Col. Alexander Madiebo, testified how the Soldiers and Policemen, under instruction by the Federal Government, connived with politicians to rig the election with impunity. Akintola and his henchmen were retained in power. Yoruba youths became angry and resorted to mob action. That was when they said that “THE WILLD, WILLD, WEST was burning”. But the Federal Government reigned ignorance. This infuriated young soldiers in the Army, who staged coup, toppled the Government, and the culprits of rigging, perished in the inferno. This buttressed the adage, that “Those who fetch ant-infested firewood invited the visit of the lizard”. The despicable notoriety of rigging elections, aggravated the Nigeria Civil War of 1966-1970.


That was why, during the 2023 Presidential Election, Muslim clerics reminded their people that the Muslim-Muslim Ticket is a “BIG JIHAD”. Although they were not going to fight with weapons, but they will adopt devilish ways to breach the Constitution and Electoral Acts, because they are above the law. Their man, the National Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Prof. Mohammed Yakubu, promised that result would be released through electronic server, simultaneously with collation of results, but when it came to Presidential Election, when they saw that Peter Obi of Labour Party, was winning, they ordered the Chairman to remove the electronic server. They then decreased Obi’s votes and increased Tinubu’s votes. So, their Big Jihad was still at work.


Many people, including foreign observers, testified that the election was blatantly rigged. Now that the case has gone to Court, could the Court do justice to the case?. But as the Muslim cabals are controlling the Government of Nigeria, the Legislature, Executive, Judiciary, could any justice come from the Court? But let us be patient and see what will happen. It is said that when a wicked elder, maliciously seized the rightful property of a child, and raised his arm, when his arm became painful, he must definitely lower his hand, and the innocent child shall possess his genuine property.
















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