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100m Nigerians in abject poverty today, Obi to Nnewi residents



Above one hundred million Nigerians are today into abject poverty due to the misrule and mismanagement of the nation's economy by the incumbent All Progressive Congress(APC) -controlled Federal Government.

Addressing an unprecedented mammoth crowd of followers and supporters at the popular Nkwo Nnewi market, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party(LP), Peter Obi disclosed that nearly 65million citizens were poor in 2012, but more than 100million citizens are now in poverty today. 

Obi told the enusiastic crowd that himself and his running mate -Senator Yusuf Datti-Ahmed were fully prepared to change all that. That they were going to transform the economy and living standard of all Nigerians, irrespective of tribe, religion, gender, social class or political affiliation.

According to him, ".. we have chosen to build a new Nigeria where there will be security of life and property. When I was governor, bank robbery and criminality were almost impossible. All the notorious bandits were sent out. We are going to do same nationwide....

" The way to do it is to move Nigeria from consumption to production. I will assure you that all industries in Nnewi and all RTS of Nigeria will  become operational once again.

"Our governments have always told us they were going to resuscitate and reactivate the industries, the SMIEs.

" But how many of you have received any such assistance from the Federal Government? " To this, the crowd chorussed No!

Obi pointed out that as governor he transformed all schools, hospitals, roads a other infrastructure without much challenges, but today it's taxes galore everyday.

"It's the duty of government to make life easy for the citizens, not to overburden them with taxation.

" Am a Nigerian who is most qualified and prepared to lead this nation out of the prevailing difficulties and poverty.

Obi stormed the Nwanyi Imo square, venue of the rally in a tumultuous blaze of glory ushered in by a sea of heads of business executives, small/medium and big time traders in all markets in and around t commercial city of Nnewi.

He was also accompanied by memrs of the Peter Obi Support Network, Great Nigeria for Obidatti, Doctors for Peter Obi, Nigerian Youths for Peter Obi and Take Back Naija among other support groups.

In her remarks, the popular human rights activist, Aisha Yusuf charged all Nigerians to go to all polling booths on Feb 25,2023 and vote Obi and Yusuf Datti-Ahmed so as to ta CJ Nigeria from the clutches of her traducers.

The former governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party in Anambra state, Valentine Ozigbo, a very strong ally of Obi said that Nigerians are tired and need change !

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