Active Search Results Lines Are Falling Into Places for Dr Emeka Eze

Lines Are Falling Into Places for Dr Emeka Eze

The Endorsements Stretch From Anaocha Local Government Area, Breeze In Into Njikoka, Then Anchor At Dunukofia!

The Three Local Government Areas, With One Voice Have Sworn And Resolved To Uphold Equity As The Only Panacea For Peaceful6 Development And Have Echoed With One Voice After 'Mkpuke Deliberations' And Queued Behind The *Prince Dr. Emeka Eze Project!*

The Catholic, Anglican And The Pentecostal Denominations Call Him Their Ecumenical Candidate...

Does A Salt Have To Look Like Other Ingredients Before It Sends Signal Of Its Value?
A Salt Has No Need To Look Like Other Ingredients; Sends Out No Aroma Like Other Seasonings, But Without It The Soup Is Tasteless.
May DNA Never Be Tasteless!!

Have You Ever Seen A Salt Buyer Demanding To Taste It Before Buying? Salt Has Proven Its Integrity Over The Ages. 

*PRINCE DR. EMEKA EZE* Is The Salt An DNA Is Sending Him!
Vote *PDP*

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