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Who is afraid of Dr Joseph Ugboaja?

By Emeka Anthony

In a typical Nigeria public service scene, there are some actors, whose stock in trade remains bellicosity, cutting corners, envy and promotion of all other vices encapsulated in the infamous Pull-Him-Down Syndrome.

To such people who promote mediocrity, cronyism and avuncular posturing, they detest excellence, professionalism and commitment to duty. 

They also abhor innovation while anyone who comes around as a determined personality that could turn things around positively for the better is immediately marked as a threat that should be stopped at all costs.

It is based on the above premise that one shouldn’t be surprised at the barrage of attacks, casting of aspersions and innuendos in recent times targeted on the person of Dr Joseph Ugboaja, Chairman, Medical Advisory Committee, CMAC, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital, NAUTH, Nnewi.

Some people who are not only afraid of his towering achievements and track records of excellent performance while discharging his assigned duties and responsibilities, have vowed to destroy his hard earned reputation and integrity.

 Unfortunately and too bad  for them, they won’t succeed.

From linking and trying to make him culpable for the unfortunate demise of Dr Martins Ifeanyichukwu, they are now throwing another mud on him alleging a case of job racketeering in NAUTH against him.

But in all these, the man Dr Ugboaja remains unshaken and undeterred knowing that all the shenanigans were actions geared towards distracting him from the onerous task assigned to him as the CMAC and other responsibilities on his shoulder.

The NAUTH management has set up an investigative panel that would not only make recommendations but also unravel the true position over the unfortunate death of Dr Martins.

While waiting for the conclusion of the panel report and without trying to  pre-empt their findings, the public is therefore enjoined to refrain from joining the crucifying mob in achieving their target.

While the allegations of job racketeering doesn’t deserve any dignifying response, it should  be stated also for the sake of clarity and posterity that Dr. Ugboaja has no link whatsoever with anything of such.  The allegation remains a figment of the imagination of detractors who are already consumed in their schizophrenic quest in pursuing a virtuous man.

Such concocted tissue of lies cannot stand the test of time and should be discountenanced by all responsible men of goodwill. Our consolation is in the words of Thomas Carlyle who said that “No lie can live forever”. General Grosvenor also captured the frustrations of liars too when he said that “Figures don’t lie but liars would always figure”.

Dr Joseph Ugboaja has paid his dues in excellent service since he joined NAUTH in 2005 as a Resident Doctor. His footprints since his ascendancy to the management cadre in 2014 as Deputy CMAC to his present status are all in the public domain for any rational discerning mind to peruse.

His further moves in future at NAUTH are in God’s hands and He would determine how it goes.  Cicero said that “virtue has its own reward”.

Dr Ugboaja believes in virtue and would continue to uphold its principles just as Shakespeare said that “Virtue is bold and goodness never fearful”

Sir Henry Wolton concluded it when he said that “Virtue is the roughest way, but proves at night, a bed of roses”.

Who is afraid of Dr Ugboaja? Why is every write-up about NAUTH, Nnewi this time targeted at his person even when he is not the person in charge of the institution yet? 

NAUTH has its Chains of Command in administrative structure while every discerning mind would know that the barrages of attacks are simply targeted to stop him and his rising profile with its attendant prospects.

Nwata kpakaria ibe ya na nku, asi na okpara na ajo ofia. When a boy outshines his peers in the art of fetching firewood, his adversaries would say he fetched from the evil forest.

But in all, we are confident it shall end in praise to the confounding of the detractors!

 Emeka Anthony,

A public affairs analyst writes from Awka, Anambra State




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