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Group queries President Buhari for donating N1million dollars to Afghanistan while Nigerians are hungry

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Its Financial Recklessness For President Buhari To Donate $1 Million To Afghanistan At A Time The Economy Is In Comatose. 

The Coalition of Southern and Middle Belt Youth Leaders Assembly, COSMBYLA, the umbrella body of all the youth groups in the South East, South South, South West and Middle Belt regions is displeased and totally disappointed over the donation of $1 million dollars by President Muhammadu Buhari to Afghanistan a Muslim country, at a time the Nigerian economy is in financial comatose and can barely executed any single project or pay mere salaries and pensions without borrowing to do so . This is gross insensitivity and financial recklessness on the part of the president to such donation at a time like this. We are totally disappointed to say the least. 

It is common knowledge that Nigeria is currently on financial oxygen to survive and we cannot be pretending about it because the information is already on public domain. The Federal Government openly told Nigerians that the is no money in our purse to fulfill the financial promises it made to Academic Staff Union Universities, ASUU.  We now ask the FG, where did the money donated to Afghanistan emanate from?. 

From all indications, President Buhari is not bothered about our students who have been forced to stay at home because of his inabilty to settle the financial agreement he had with ASUU. The President is not bothered because his children are studying abroad and other Nigerian students can go to hell for all he cares. A President that has no interest in solving the problems facing him in his country but is only interested in solving the problems of other countries is not worthy to be our president. 

No man that knows his onion will pursue rats when his house is on fire. President Buhari has really shown Nigerians that he takes them for granted and we will not accept that from him. 

The donation as we were told by the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic cooperation (OIC) Hissein Ibrahim Taha, that it is for easing the humanitarian situation in Afghanistan and to help in catering for the needs of millions of Afghan people including women and children. We then ask President Buhari, how much have you donated to the Nigerian Internally Displaced Persons in Benue state? The answer is none. 

From all indications it is clear to all doubting Thomases that President Buhari only cares about the welfare of Muslims and hates with passion non-muslims most especially Christians. The Federal Government led by President Buhari is taking 100 percent care of Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs, in Muslim controlled northern states in Nigeria while Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs in Christian controlled states like Benue State are allowed to their own fate. Too sad!. 

When President Buhari was elected in 2015 he said, "I belong to no one but to all Nigerians". But it is clear through his actions and inactions that he belongs only to Muslims. 

The major revenue source of the Nigerian government which is oil comes from the southern part of the country which is a Christian dominated part of the country. It is sad that resources and wealth from Christian states of the country are only used to take care of Muslims in Nigeria and Muslims in other parts of the world while Christians from where the wealth and resources are generated are related to the background. 

President Buhari has broken his oath of office and he should resign or be impeached by the Nigerian Senate. The Senate should note that this is not the time for party politics but a time to salvage our nation from collapse. The country is at the verge of collapse and only the removal of President Buhari from office can salvage the country. 

We call on the National Assembly to immediately make a law that will bring on board eminent financial advisors and experts that will scrutinize and approve every financial donation or commitment of the President to other nations to avoid a situation were the Commonwealth of our country will be donated to other nations on the altar of religious affiliation or friendship.


Hon. Goodluck Egwu Ibem

President General, 

Coalition of South East Youth Leaders (COSEYL). 

Leader of COSMBYLA

Terrence Kuanum 


Forum of Middle Belt Youth Presidents 

Shittu Waheed 


South West Youth Leaders Forum (SWYLF)

Tito Zokumor


South South Youth Forum (SSYF)

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