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Group roles out plans for Anambra community after attacks by unknown gunmen


By Okechukwu Okechukwu

A Non-Governmental Organization, Mother Sussan Foundation (MSF), has promised to sponsor programmes that would uplift people of Awka North local government area.

The pledge was in reaction to the tragedy that struck the community, penultimate weekend, where mourners who had gathered to bury alleged demised leader of a cult group were massacred by unknown gunmen believed to be rival cult group from the area.

Reports had it that the armed men invaded the burial venue and opened fire on the mourners, killing about 20 persons and desecrated the corpse that was being prepared for burial.

The incident has left the community members wailing, while corpses littered the compound. Many families, following the incidence, were thrown into grief and sorrow, while fear and apprehension still grip the community.

Mother Sussan Foundation had in a condolence message to the Transition Committee Chairman Awka North local government area Anambra state, Hon Ferdinand Chimezie Onwuje described the incident as shameful, barbaric and uncalled for requesting for actions to nip such bizarre acts in the bud.  

In a statement, Mother Sussan Foundation, MSF foundation which is run through Mr Oliver and Ifeoma Okennah said such calamity had never befallen on the community in its entire existence and expressed sympathy to the family who had lost their beloved ones to the ugly incident.

According to Oliver Okennah N , President , Mother Sussan Foundation, "over the last few years, we had tragedies but not as brutal as this one of past week. The majority of those who died are youths who still have their entire lives ahead of them, their family, birthdays, weddings, careers etc. Many of them have been working hard to help their kids fulfill their dreams. 

"So our heart are broken today for the children, family, brothers and sisters that lost their loved ones. As a town we have been in these too many times and we going to come together to take meaningful action to prevent further tragedy of such regardless the village or town because we know that nothing can fill the space of the lost one'. 

President Mother Sussan Foundation further said that a set of  programmes outlined for the community members would accommodate a youth empowerment and skills acquisition centre. It would also serve as a nonprofit organization for youth at risk and would aim to uplift one hundred and fifty youths annually through community grassroots projects. 

"Furthermore, in our efforts to create a better citizen through engagement of sorts. Mother Sussan Foundation (MSF) through Mr Oliver and Ifeoma Okennah has proposed in the next ten years Youth Empowerment and Skills Centre (YES CENTRE). It will also serve as a non-profit organization under (MSF) for youth at risk. We aim to uplifting at least 100- 150 youths annually through community grassroots projects. "

The foundation recounted how it had empowered and supported youths, students, women and children through skilled jobs, education awareness, financial  uplifting and community projects.

It also said it had proposed an award to celebrate all teachers, present and past, who had taught and mentored in Ebenebe, Ofe Mmili communities in the next five years.

On her part, the Project Manager of Mother Sussan Foundation, Mrs Ifeoma C Okennah commiserated with mothers, wives and children who lost their loved ones by the gruesome incident. She encouraged wives and mothers to ensure they know what their spouses and children do for a living as a way to curtail joining cult groups that are inimical to societal development and growth.

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