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Election 2023: Evidence of Two is True

By Peter Nwasike



There is a truism that “The Evidence of Two Is True”. This is because when two witnesses corroborate themselves in evidence, their testimony is true. That is why when two or more witnesses are to testify in Court, none of them is allowed to be in Court, when any of them is cross-examined.


In the case of Election 2023, there are allegations from various individuals and groups, that the election, to the Presidency and National Assembly of February 25, 2023, and the Governorship and State Assembly Election of March 18, 2023, were marred and polluted with horrible irregularities, malpractices, characterized with violence, destruction and snatching of ballot papers and boxes, intimidation and denying voters the right to exercise their franchise. Other allegations were that the Independent National Election Commission (INEC), suppressed the results of some parties, especially the candidate of Labour Party, and padded the votes of candidate of All Progressives Congress (APC), and declared the wrong person as the “Winner”, thereby putting the Nation in a quagmire, as to who really won the election. The Editoral of some erudite journalists in their various popular newspapers, corroborate themselves, in this case.


In the Editorial of Fides Newspaper, March 26-April 1, 2023, page 3, its caption is: “NIGERIA’S WORST ELECTION AND THE SCARY FUTURE”.


“There have been rigged Elections in Nigeria but the 2023 Elections have taken the Oscar by the brazen manner the electoral umpire conducted it. In the past elections where results were manufactured, there were attempts to hide the manipulations, even though people knew the results were contrived. But the 2023 General Elections in Nigeria have been rigged in such an open manner that Nigerians have been insulted and ridiculed before the world.


“From the Presidential Election and National Assembly Elections of February 25 to the Governorship and State Assembly Election of March 18, the Country’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the body saddled with the task of giving Nigeria free, fair and credible elections, have muddled up things in a way that has spoilt all the recent gains made since the days of late President Shehu Musa Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan. This year’s elections have taken Nigeria back by 40 years (1983 to be precise) when the then National Party of Nigeria (NPN) use the then electoral umpire to assault the sensibilities of Nigerians and it was no surprise that a military coup came soon after.


“Having seen how the recent elections have been conducted, it is scary to contemplate the extent of havoc it will wreak on the political life of the Country. The INEC simply did not hide its bias and did as it was directed by its paymasters. Despite complaints, it went on with collation in many places and announced results which did not tally with those in possession of party agents. But where their anointed candidates were trailing, collation was suspended as in the cases of Enugu and Abia State, prompting some people to ask if indeed, INEC could suspend collation.


“The brazen manner in which INEC rigged the last elections can only enthrone lawlessness in the future and give the impression that the end justifies the means, and this can only endanger future elections in the Country, especially if the perpetrators of the electoral heist are allowed to get away with it …


The Editorial of Donac Pilot Newspaper, Monday, March 31, 2023, page 2, has her caption as: “WILL NIGERIA EVER BE FREE FROM ELECTION RIGGING”.

“2023 General Elections have come and gone. Just like the previous elections in the Country, this year’s polls continued with the trend of manipulations which the most populous nation in black Africa is known for.


“Political history has it that election manipulations actually started in the 1950s, that is before the Nation attained her political Independence from Great Britain.


“Unfortunately, succeeding political leaders have not done anything to break away from the sad foundation of political manipulations.


“A Nation that cannot conduct a free, fair, credible and generally acceptable election is already headed for doom.


The 2023 general elections presented a unique opportunity for Nigeria and Nigerians to correct the wrongs of the past, but again, like a dog that normally goes back to its vomit, fumbled again….”


Now Telegraph Newspaper, Thursday, March 30, 2023, page 13, has her caption, thus: “2023 POLLS: THE POLITICAL CLASS AND THEIR ANTICS”.


“The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has almost concluded this year’s General Election with the Presidential and National Assembly Election taking place on Saturday with the Presidential and National Assembly Election taking place on Saturday, February 25, and the Governorship and State Assembly Polls holding on Saturday, March 18, across the Country. However, the Commission has scheduled April 15, for the conclusion of the exercise with the conduct of supplementary governorship, legislative polls.


“New Telegraph is, however, dismayed to state unequivocally that the already conducted polls were replete with large scale irregularities. Virtually every state had their own fair share of electoral malpractices, before, during and after the exercises.


Some political gladiators, including some governors of some states, reportedly went about with suspected thugs to fraudulently influence electoral outcomes. Ballot box snatching and destruction of electoral proceedings were said to be prevalent in some States in the South.


But the Governorship and State Houses of Assembly Elections on March 18 exposed Nigeria as a mere democratic hypocrite. The polls fell far below prescribed standards as there were reported extensive voter suppression/intimidation, violence, and disruption of voting proceedings in the strongholds of opposition political parties.


“The build-up to a season of impunity had started during the campaigns and escalated during the Presidential and National Assembly Elections.


“Unfortunately, Lagos was regrettably, in the lead in the show of shame that, at best, could be described as officially endorsed terrorism…”


Various individuals testified and condemned the rascality that polluted the election. Rev. Fr. Pat Amobi Chukwuma, in his article published in Fides Newspaper, April 2-8, 2023, titled: “PROMOTION OF IMPUNITY”, lamented:


“The Presidential Election was rigged to the highest level that even animals are upset. The 2023 Election Umpire, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, has written his name in mud instead of in gold by doctoring, compromising and rigging the Presidential election in favour of a preferred candidate. The election was not free, fair, transpareny and credible. Violence was used to prevent electorates from voting for the candidate of their choice in some States. Ballot papers and some electoral materials were destroyed in many polling centres. The stipulations of the Nigerian Constitution and the Electoral Act were seriously contravened. The Certificate of Return was given in error. After manual collation and announcement of padded result, the umpire directed the aggrieved presidential candidates to go to Court.


How can you intentionally do someone harm and ask him or her to go to Court…? With cartoon description, Fr. Chukwuma implored: JUSTICE, FIGHT IMPUNITY.”


As published in Donac Pilot Newspaper, March 31, 2023, page 5, a Lawyer volunteered his legal services, to compel INEC to observe the rule of Law in her work, with the caption:



“A legal practitioner, Barrister Bob James, recently instituted an action against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), over its alleged failure to electronically transmit results of the presidential and National Assembly elections that held on February 25, from polling units to its IREV Portal.


He drew attention of the Court in a subsisting judgment of the Supreme Court delivered by a former Chief Justice of Nigeria, CJN Justice Walter Onnoghen, where the apex Court held that “Where a law prescribes the procedure to be followed in the performance of an act, and that procedure is not complied with, the performance of the act in the circumstance becomes a nullity”.


In the Sun Newspaper of Thursday, April 6, 2023, page 6, Prof Wole Soyinka, Nobel Laureate, condemned the Election and described it as disgraceful and shameful, affirming that it was the worst election in the history of Nigeria.


Some groups of elders from the South questioned the credibility of the election, as published in the Donac Pilot Newspaper, March 31, 2023, page 4, titled: “BUHARIS SILENCE ON ALLEGATIONS AGAINST INEC, DANGEROUS”.


“Leaders of Thought, on the platform of Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum, (SMBLF), have said President Buhari’s silence in the face of allegations of irregularities and compromise against the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), was dangerous”.


They frowned at the intention of Buhari, according to release by his Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, to inaugurate Tinubu as president-elect, on May 29, 2023, while the case is in court, and warned Buhari to refrain from autocratic measures that is prejudicial to Court and tantamount to intimidation.


With the overwhelming evidence that have proved beyond reasonable doubt, that the election was blatantly rigged, with contravention of the Constitution and Electoral Act 2022, the Court should do justice to their profession, and grant the prayers of Peter Obi (First Petitioner) and Labour Party (Second Petitioner), as contained in their affidavit in the case.



Peter Obi of Labour Party

Authentic Winner 2023 Presidency


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