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Immigration junction: killer spot in Anambra


By Uche Osunkwo

There is this philosophical anecdote in the Igbo cultural background, which import also reflects in wise-sayings of other backgrounds, about the fact that only a tree does not react when its life is threatened.

All other species of living things do not see thier death coming and remain unmoved. They all have inbuilt survival instinct, so to speak.

Against this background, it becomes very astonishing that in certain circumstances, the attitude of the human species seems to betray this incontrovertible conclusion, even when the intention is not suicide, that is, self choice to die.

Otherwise, how could one explain the attitude of our concerned public authorities to the obvious road accident prone point, where harvest of deaths and destruction of materials properties  has been constant.

I refer to the dangerous spot on the Enugu/Onitsha Expressway, at what is popularly known as Immigration/Ester Obiakor Estate Junction in the Agu-Awka area of Awka, the Anambra State Capital.

Almost on daily basis, minor and fatal motor accidents occur at this point because of obvious reasons, especial for the fact that one side of the dual carriage way is decrepit and totally 'unmotorable,' in fact, useable.

Deaths and destruction by way of accidents on the spot have been painfully constant over years now and nothing is being done as mitigation.

Why should this uncaring attitude of those concerned be the case while the calamity is going on? This is the question on the lips of all public spirited people.

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